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“I am not defined by my scars, but by the incredible ability to heal”.
Lemn Sissay
Are you feeling lost, depressed, anxious, tormented, lonely, without hope?
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These are all normal, if uncomfortable, parts of the roller coaster of life. Many individuals experience periods of despair throughout life, sometimes knowing why, and at other times not understanding at all. I am an experienced BACP registered therapist offering you a space to explore yourself and your life, and a space for you to be heard. With experience of working at Oakhaven Hospice, Compass Counselling, Brockenhurst College and in my own private practice, I have worked with anxiety, depression, cancer, loss, relationships, addiction, trauma, difficulties with food and many other themes.


The work involves shuttling between the here and now of daily life, and the past. Often, this leads to an exploration of childhood and previous experiences that have shaped how we are in the world in relation to our own self and to others. This gentle exploration allows individuals to gain insight into their self. This awareness brings acceptance, integration and ultimately choice about how to be in the world.


The therapeutic space can provide a real refuge to the soul and I feel privileged to have shared many people’s unpacking and unpicking of their most hidden self. I strongly believe that with time, compassion and understanding, the self can flourish. 

Please call 07725 782932 or email
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