The New Forest, Hampshire
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What is Therapy?

Therapy is a much-used term, but it is often unclear what the process actually entails. For me, the most important element of successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship. This provides the space for clients to safely and securely talk about what is going on for them.


Using attuned listening and techniques where appropriate, I help clients to make sense of what is going on and what may be underlying that. Often times, we carry influences from our childhood that may no longer be relevant to our adult lives. Gaining insight into patterns of thinking, behaving and feeling, clients are able to make choices about how they want to be in the here and now, as adults.


I am an integrative therapist, which allows me to tailor the therapy needed to each individual’s needs.


Normally, we will meet for 50 minutes weekly at the same time for 6,12 or more sessions.